Transforming Overlooked Properties into Beautiful Rental Homes

Akwaaba invests in real estate projects using an effective BRRRR method, leading to profitable turnkey properties.

Who We Are

Akwaaba Properties is a real estate investment company committed to creating safe, clean homes that contribute positively to their communities.

Our investment approach starts with finding underutilized properties. By following our established investment strategy, we refurbish them to transform them into cash flowing assets. By identifying properties with potential, we create opportunities for profitable investments – helping to create financial freedom and build generational wealth.

Invest With Us

Private Lending


Take your investment portfolio to the next level with private lending opportunities from experienced real estate investors.
Akwaaba - RRSP Mortgages


Looking for a reliable way to grow your savings? Enjoy the security of investing in real estate.
Akwaaba - Joint Venture Partnerships

Joint Venture

We’ll work together to find lucrative real estate opportunities and share in the profits.

Current Opportunities

Explore our current real estate investing opportunities. Please contact us for more details.
Land Development Project
Investment Opportunity

Land Development Project

This land development project has strong potential for cashflow generating rental housing. This property is in close proximity to shopping and dining.

12 Unit Multi-Family Project
Investment Opportunity

12 Unit Multi-Family Project

This multi-family property is a 12-unit investment project.

Akwaaba - Abigail and Isaac

Our Team

Meet Abigail and Isaac, co-founders of Akwaaba Properties. Abigail has a Master’s in Social Work and experience in the field of helping marginalized populations find housing. Isaac has a diploma in Police Foundations and is employed in law enforcement. As a real estate duo, they take pride in providing housing solutions to individuals and families that need to find a safe place to call home.

Past Rental Projects

Since 2008, we've implemented various real estate investment strategies to increase rental income and increase property value. Check out some of our past rental projects where we’ve implemented the BRRR strategy to increase rental income and property value. These projects showcase our commitment to creating successful investment opportunities for our clients.

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